• High-Tech Production Facility

    We use cutting-edge technology in all processes. our production line is fully automated and material flows are managed with an integrated ERP system

  • Custom Designed Glasses

    We use advanced curved glass manufacturing techniques to achieve different design requirements of the projects.

  • Commercial Vehicle Glasses

    Manufacturing military-graded Ballistic-Glass for commercial vehicles. The new range of ballistic glasses models includes the LC 300 and Lexus LX 600.

BGT – British Glass Technology

BGT Glass is Bulletproof Glass Manufacturer and We producing Ballistic Glass since 1986.

All glasses are manufactured from high-quality materials using cutting-edge technology. we focused on manufacturing high-quality armoured glasses for Civilian, Commercial Vehicles, and Military Vehicles.

BGT guarantees its policy of providing the most ingenious safety glass systems at competitive prices. Over a decade of experience in the armoured glass industry and customer loyalty makes us a leading global supplier of armoured glass systems.

BGT is the leading manufacturer of Ballistic Resistant Glass for Armored Vehicles.
At BGT, we strive to attain the highest standards of safety and quality with all our products.

Our Products
BGT Military Projects

BGT manufacture the finest quality ballistic-resistant glasses for military vehicle manufacturers. our military-grade armoured glasses ensure strong protection against automatic refiles and heavy blasts threat. we provide a wide range of military-grade products with the highest quality standards. BGT’s armoured glass products meet the top ballistic requirement from CEN 1063 BR1 to BR7.

BGT Passenger Vehicle Projects

Our bulletproof glass solutions for civilian and commercial vehicles puts a barrier between passengers and the many increasing ballistic threats that arise from unstable global and local situations. At BGT we develop bulletproof glass for the armored vehicle industry that satisfies international standard requirements and unique customer requirements. BGT’s armoured glass offers seamless safety, maximized transparency, and reliability.

BGT Cash In Transit Projects

While transporting money and other valuable things by road we should ensure the safety of both the personnel and consignments in the vehicle. BGT design and builds armoured glass for cash-in-transit vehicle projects. Our bullet-resistant glass is available as curved or flat panels which can be installed by replacing existing ordinary glasses.